Sunday, July 31, 2011

Digging Bornholm

 I've been doing a lot of commuting this summer. Copenhagen-Greenland-Bornholm-Copenhagen-Fyn-Bornholm
Bornholm is thus where I am right now and I am loving it. The island is a gem with some of the most spectacular natural scenery and archaeological treasure. 
 I also love being here because of the work I am doing. It's been a long time since I last did what is my actual vocation - archaeological field work. On a daily basis I drive up to the site located on a very picturesque hill with a view over fields and (behind trees) the sea. I do spend more time looking down on the ground than looking at the view though. On the site we have cremation graves from the Roman Iron Age (1-300AD).  On top of these we have the remains of a house from the late viking/early medieval period (1000-1100). 
Excavating at Klippehøj
The house is fantastic and so are the graves. Our team is also fantastic and consists of a group of students form the University of Copenhagen, one student from Gdansk as well as museum staff and skilled volunteers.   If you read Danish, you can follow our work on the blog I am writing with daily news from the dig. You will find news about our work as well as loads of yummy pictures of the site, the work and the finds.
During weekends we make trips out into the wild - observing archaeological landscapes and remains such the ringfort Rispebjerg and these monoliths in the groves called Gryet and Louisenlund
Orange slug in Gryet

Monolith, Gryet
Obelix was here. Louisenlund.
Monoliths, Louisenlund

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