Thursday, May 5, 2011

Osama bin Laden - why was he killed rather than captured?

While conspiracy theories are flourishing these days, I have only two questions:

HOW was bin Laden able to hide for so long?
WHY was he killed rather than captured?

Obviously bin Laden must have been under protection from higher places in Pakistan. The building he was hiding in was not exactly invisible - or looking like a normal residential home - regardless of whether children were payed to play in front of the house or not.  Officials must have closed their eyes and maybe even have participated actively in protecting the hiding place. I wonder if not the military academy only 1 km north of the site played a role in this...
But a greater mystery to me is how (and if!) this hiding place remained unknown to the Americans for several years, even when they almost touched it in 2008?!

None the less, they raided the place and shot him a few days ago, took some samples and dumped his body in the Sea. All within less than 24 hours. And I believe this is actually a true story.
But why kill instead of capture?

Besides the ethical aspects of taking another human being's life, an enemy captured alive must be worth much more than a dead one? Although OBL would probably never answer questions or reveal plans even under torture, would it not be an even stronger manifestation to keep the man imprisoned and alive?

Even though I don't believe in conspiracy theories I am still puzzled and would like to know the answers, but doubt they will ever be given.

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Linda said...

I am exactly like you - the death of Bin Laden is raising more questions that giving answers and this is kind of frustrated.
The US Service Secret must have known for a very long time that he was hiding in this residential area - it's not like it was the first time that they went to Pakistan, and so many other secret services have people in Pakistan due to the fact that they are so close to Afghanistan and more importantly Iran.
I don't want to believe in the conspiracy theories but the way that this has been handled from the death to the "submarine funeral" is definitely giving more arguments to the conspirationists. I just don't understand why they killed him without even trying to capture him and then why there's no picture of his dead body or why they didn't give his body to his family. We have been brought up in a world where we have seen many dictators being killed on TV (Ceaucescu, Saddam Hussein...) and now suddenly they are claiming that it is due some ethical considerations that we can't see pictures of his dead body.
Killing him was the worst mistake they could do - in keeping him alive they would have some kind of power towards the other members of Al-Qaida.
My biggest question is why did it take 10 years to kill someone that wasn't really hiding?