Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm not dead, I feel fine, I feel happyyyyyy

Hey there. It's been a mighty long time since this blog has had any new posts. So just to give a sign of life, here's one.
Many years ago, I used to be addicted to the Monty Python and the Holy Grail pc game. It's a classic - and the "best CD-Rom Game of 932 AD". But it's so old now that it no longer works on present systems (not on mine anyway). That brings me great grief, especially since I have not managed to find even bits of it on-line.
Besides going on a quest for the Holy Grail the game includes classics such as "spank the virgin", "burn the witch" and not least "drop dead" - a version of tetris, where you throw dead bodies into a mass grave.

But as a small comfort, a game called spamalot from the Monty P. lot is available here


Paddy said...

The game is HERE:

The dos emulator is HERE:

Try it!

Christina said...

I'm terribly sorry to say that it doesn't seem to be it. It is a different game called holy grail - from 1984. Not the Monty Python one from 1996.