Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nordic Gourmet Cuisine

Nordic cuisine is the new buzz. All over Scandianvia, elite chefs are rediscovering and reinventing fine cuisine with the use of aboriginal ingredients. They even sign manifests witnessed by politicians, philosophers and major business leaders.

The new gourmet is now rye bread pudding and oatmeal (honestly; oatmeal is the favourite dish of chef Søren Ledet at the renowned and Michelin star rewarded restaurant Geranium in Copenhagen).

Recently, the gourmet restaurant NOMA in Copenhagen has received 2 whole michelin stars. And it is on top 10 of the 50 best restaurant in the whole WORLD for 2008.
I do understand why. Surely it's the only restaurant in the world featuring SNOWMAN on the evening menu. The "Snowman from Lammefjorden" is one of the dishes on the 7 course menu served for the mere price of 900 dkk (appx. 130 euros).
It seems to be served au naturel, as no accompanying weeds or roots are mentioned with it.
And don't get me started on the wonders of the lunch menu, which spots equally spectacular ingredients such as "seawater", "overripe pear" and "crispy breast".
Sounds yummy, don't you agree?

Now if you'll excuse me.
I'm going to have my night snack: thin shavings of dried pilot whale on a bed of arctic forest moss topped with a caramellised foam of parsnip. I'll sprinkle it with just a slight toss of juniper barch to add some texture to the flavour.

Just the old traditional Scandinavian snack you know.


Anonymous said...

You can get snail porridge at the Fat Duck in Berkshire. Although that actually sounds interesting.

Christina said...

wow, snail porridge. I guess frog legs are soooo last century.
Well, that restaurant is also on the top 5 of the worlds best restaurants, so ...

Christina said...

1. april '09 (and no April's fool): I bought a porridge mix with roasted rye, nettles, mushrooms and barley. Looking forward to having it w. steamed cod and oven baked beetroots.