Sunday, June 29, 2008

I love...

The following post is a declaration of love.

It is not a declaration of love for any man - as I am not currently
(mutually) in love with any man to my knowledge.
Neither is it a declaration of love for my son - who does indeed deserve one, as he is and will always be the greatest love I know.

This is a declaration of love for a treasured part of my household.
One that I became acquainted with for the first time in my life at the mature age of 33, and promise I will never let go of ever.

Someone who is always there, always stable and trustworthy.
Someone who always and without the faintest complaint does the dirty job.

Someone who is my perfect match as he does something which I loathe but is his raison d' être.

After the day has finished and I go to sleep - this guy goes to work.

I LOVE my dishwashing machine

As the perfect household partner he operates silently, discretely without any sound other than a pleasant, melodic humming. Making me happy when i wake up in the morning (...good to wake up to, uuhhmmm, clean dishes...).

I may be accused of abusing this loved one a little.
Laziness makes people creative - right? So tonight the dishwasher is doing not only dishes but also LEGO bricks. Hope it turns out well...

Other work this guy has done excellently includes lamps - (there even exist dishwasher safe crystal chandeliers), a ventilation filter and oil-sticky baby bath toys (generally - make sure to buy dish washer safe toys. Only not teddybears; they go in the washingmachine instead).
Even the dishwashing brush is as new after a ride in the dishwasher - need I mention that the brush really is totally superflous with a machine like mine in the house.

My next project is to see how it works with sunglasses. I'm optismistic as glass always gets amazingly clear in the washer.

Basically the only thing I wouldn't wash in it is textiles (good we have other machines for that) - or my hair.

Dishwashing machines are good to the environment too. They use much less water than washing up by hand plus you actually don't have to pre-rinse, do save that water too.

Recently I read in a comment to a post at Martin Rundkvists Aardvarchaeology, that ANTS should be magnificent dish cleaners. Says Lassi Hippeläinen:
....Since they were in the kitchen, I put them to work. As an old trekker I know they can dry-clean the dishes better than soap&water. Once the job is done, the ants are gone.

That is one way of cleaning dishes that might have a future. Just think, totally environmentally friendly waterless, eco biological - and completely mute - dish cleaning. There must be a future in that stuff. Hello, any dishwashing-engineers reading here?

To my dishwasher - parce que vous le valez bien♥♥♥

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