Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Just got back from study trip on Bornholm. It was marvellous, not least because of the magnificent people that I know there. They are into archaeology heart and soul and fortunately they agreed to tell my students about their work.

There're tons and tons of work to be done.
Evaluation report.
Chapter about graves for Sorte Muld book (due this week).
Preparations for study trip to Gdansk.
Article for Skalk about my new discovery which is still a secret.
Last but absolutely not least: more chapters for my dissertation.
So I can get it off my hands and get on with all the other exciting projects that are queueing in my mind - eager to be realized.

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mie nørgaard said...

Welcome home. Nice to hear you are keeping busy. Sounds like I'm not the only one doing all sorts of 'other' writing work but the one that actually should count most right now.

Wanna hear about 'new discovery' - sounds dead clever!